Book Launch · North of Porter

The Sugar Addict Recovery Program

AKA Book Launched!

North Of Porter was launched in front of a large audience on Wednesday night. Thank goodness! I was absolutely petrified no-one would turn up. No, seriously, The Fear was real and making me sick with unease. Fireworks Night in Glasgow had been moved to the same night as my book launch, and of course I was furious. Oh, I thought, I’ll give them fireworks!

The setting was Waterstones in Argyle Street. The mood was one of excitement! I had some equipment to set up because the event was very tech heavy; a screen/projector/sound system with two microphones. I had random slides flashing at the audience while I sat reading North Of Porter. Food? Well we had cookies and crisps and cakes and sweet treats.

Ah. I hadn’t enjoyed a single sweet for days because I decided, stupidly, to put myself through my annual sugar detox. I tried it last year and the headaches proved too much. I only lasted three days this time. Someone slipped me a cup of Irn-Bru and after one sip…I was flying off the walls. I think I’m too hyper because of caffeine. I was trembling, stuttering, running around like a mad hippie from a hellish LSD trip, the worst you could conceive. That is known as a sugar rush!

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My fashion right now is bad fashion. On purpose I may add! My shirts have been so vile and awful to look at…of course I had to buy them all from the vendor when she complained no-one liked them!

Keith Charters spoke to me about the book – a lovely tale of a teen boy with a handbag and the serial killer he’s trying to catch – before I got my large queue to sign! THANK GOD. Honestly, I was nearly praying to Jesus with my hippie beads doubling up as fantasy rosary beads.

The next day I popped into Edinburgh with Alex Nye for her book launch at Central Library. It was a fab event and Alex herself – a queen of the spooky Scottish ghost story – did herself proud with a properly quality launch. Then I ran off to Gracemount High School for a live event.

Me earlier today

And then I had to get home for a live Twitter chat, my first ever, which was conducted by the Society of Young Publishers Scotland. The topic was YA books and people sent me questions – I was so relieved because you never know how these things will go, but it was a good debate and a timely reminder that YA won’t ever die while there is an audience with the fire in them that I witnessed last night. The time is right to fight for our books. Support your local YA authors, libraries, and school librarians. And praise the fans!

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