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Signs And Portents


My amazing new book of wonky YA – North Of Porter – is close to being released. Eeek! How exciting! So in the spirit on rampant self-promotion, here are some interesting hints about the book:

Draft cover art NoP (2)

  1. Vampy romance saga Twilight is mentioned on Page 149.
  2. So are books by James Patterson, Agatha Christie, Carolyn Keene, and The Three Investigators.
  3. “MILK IS COW RAPE!” appears on Page 107 on a plywood sign.
  5. Professor Wrathorga is trying to save the men…but at what cost?
  7. Porter Minter does NOT enjoy Marlowe Meat Pies
  8. Why does Kitty Stomp wear a veil?
  9. “You can’t silence me forever. This town is full of craziness. I belong here!”
  10. I am The Alien From Another Dimension. Your world screams out for my domination. And if you get in my way…I will sweep you and your insignificant species aside!

That’s all you’re getting for now. The launch for the book takes place on November 4th. If you’re in Glasgow, pop along!

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