Ah, that time of year is nearly upon us again. Book Week Scotland is like Christmas to authors…or in my case Halloween, because I love Halloween. Anyway, I’m almost fully booked thanks to school librarians who have put the word on the street that my events are the most fabulous not drabulous punk rock not disco events in the literary scene.  Here is what I have so far, and it may change so keep checking this page for updates:


Wednesday 25th November – Inverkeithing High School (Fife)
Thursday 26th November – Kinross High School (Perth)
Friday 27th November – Milngavie Library with Douglas Academy (East Dumbartonshire)

There’s also something happening on the Monday of that week which is the anniversary of Doctor Who, though that has nothing to do with my event. I’m just a geek. I’ll put that in my diary once it is sorted. By this time NORTH OF PORTER will be out and availabl in all good bookshops/libraries/online/your hearts.

You have to school librarians for secretly joining the Kult of Kirkland and telling all their librarian pals about me.


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