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Teen Titles!

I attended the annual Teen Titles party last night and just like last year…it was wonderful! I got there a little bit late because I was spending time with Cathy MacPhail at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Our taxi driver was a big angry, swearing and hissing as he drove us from Charlotte Square to the Central Library. I announced my presence – or rather my clothes announced my presence because I was dressed in the style of JT LeRoy/Andy Warhol/A lunatic. Teen Titles is great for meeeting the fans and saying hello to the other authors. I finally got to meet a fan named Jasna, who has been consistently supportive of me since Conjuring The Infinite. Her mum is fabulous too.  I caught up with a fan named Charlie who is the biggest Harry Potter obsessive, and rightly so because everyone should be Harry Potter obsessives. Then there’s Brandin, a lad from one of the schools, who namechecked me in his speech. Get that promo, Kirkland Ciccone! He has a very bright future ahead of him; he organised an event last year and I did a gig at his school, thanking the librarian for being so efficient. The librarian was like, “No, I didn’t organise it…it was that lad over there!” I was never so forthright at that age, but I suppose had Twitter existed in the days of Roald Dahl, I would demand he adopt me. Meeting the fans, creative and talented people, is always a blessing. The teens were dressed as Sailor Moon characters and the others were enthusiastic about books and reading. Never a bad thing.

Teen Titles is always very important because the YA books and interviews are the creation of the teens. For authors such as myself…that’s worthwhile and helpful, because starting out the Teen Titles magazine supported me.  I have a lot of time for it.

I got to chat with faves Theresa Breslin, Keith Gray, Elizabeth Wein, Alex Nye, Emily Dodd and many more!  Always a good thing.

Kirkland Ciccone Warhola

And finally, in another twist, when I tweeted shots of myself during the night…and mentioned the JT LeRoy influence on my style, someone clicked FAVOURITE on my tweet. I recognised the name. It was none other than JT LeRoy herself AKA Laura Albert. That’s fabulous not drabulous, isn’t it?

Laura Albert

Now I’ve got to go and write, but there will be fantastic news soon about the launch of my next book. I hope everyone pops along and supports me. But for now…have a nice day folks!


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