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Fun Fun Fun At The Festival!

The bus didn’t turn up this morning. Yes, I can finally admit it. THE FREAKING DAMN BUS DIDN’T TURN UP THIS MORNING! I was nearly in tears at the thought of missing my slot at the Edinburgh Book Festival. So when a First Bus doesn’t show up, I’ve learned to just accept it and though I silently curse Worst Bus…sorry, First Bus…I also understand the way of things. But I managed to get the train on time and get to Charlotte Square on time. My one man show has been toured around Scotland to massive praise and success. It’s anarchic, over the top, and ridiculous.  The audience looked stunned at first, but they soon got the joke.  Victory for me! They were fantastic and the teachers loved it; they laughed quite loud, and that’s always nice because you know they got the joke too.

Then I was lucky enough to be asked to have my photographs taken by Chris Close who has a career shooting authors (with a camera of course) and I became his latest subject.

Here’s a nice slideshow from today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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