It isn’t long until the Edinburgh Book Festival 2015 and I’m getting ready for a very busy month. I’m excited, and though I have no idea if everything will go well (I’m terribly cynical, just in case you don’t get that from my fiction), I’m hoping everyone will come away from my event having had a good experience. I’m too punk rock to be boring!

Poster Power!

I’ve had a batch of posters made up for the event. They feature me, and I know that’s terribly narcissistic but I’ve decided to just embrace my nose, which looks like a builder’s boot at some angles. Anyway, who doesn’t have posters of their faves up on walls? But I realised that authors don’t get posters made for them except for libraries…I mean, we’re just as brilliant as popstars/rockstars/actors/actresses so why not have your favourite author on the wall? Goodness, I should have printed off Roald Dahl, Theresa Breslin, Robert Cormier and all the others years ago for my poster wall. So without further ado…voila!

A copy of the poster Kirkland Ciccone will give away free at his event.

Yes, I’ve combined the Sex Pistols with my homage to the Scream poster.  Pop culture galore!

North of Porter

The cover art is still being worked on by Ida Henrich, whom I adore.  I have NO idea what it will look like, but I’m sure it’ll capture the zany b-movie murderama vibe of the book. If that’s possible! I’ve updated the blurb and I’m just waiting for my publisher to approve the changes. And then…more touring, more writing, and more fake fur jackets and Dr Martens boots!



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