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Work Biatch!!!


I’m keeping as busy as possible. Now that I’ve saved Gotham City from The Scarecrow and defeated the menace of Shinnok, I’m free to get back to what I do best…writing amazing YA books and performing live shows for my readers. NORTH OF PORTER is going through a last minute edit and cover art is still being worked on by Ida Henrich (a genius), whom I hope captures the zany b-movie vibe of the novel for the book’s jacket. Not that authors really have much of a choice what goes on the cover of their books, but the good thing about Strident is that they do try to keep me happy.  This comes in the form of bribes; cakes, dinner, McVitie’s Ginger Nuts etc. I’m working on a new book because I don’t want to delay. I’m always envious of writers like the wonderful Barry Hutchison who can multitask and put out more than one book per year.  My next step is to write more, more, more until my fingers crumble.

This is an influence on my next novel:

I have my event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in a few weeks.  If your school hasn’t signed up to see me, you’re mad! Here’s the information, but ignore the age range. My shows are for teenagers, but I bungled when I sent the info to the people who work behind the scenes at the EIBF.


The big cover reveal for NORTH OF PORTER is coming soon!


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