Yes, I’m Psychic…

I’ve just read caught something on the news that I wrote about in my new book months ago. My freaky psychic powers strike again! When you read North of Porter, watch out for the chapter about the ‘new shop’ opening up soon. Then read what happened with David Mundell two days ago…


But I have a weird history of this sort of thing. Readers of Endless Empress will know that I wrote a sequence with a killer Elvis Presley impersonator pursuing two girls down a street, trying to shoot them for defying The Empress of Enkadar.
It was such a surreal sequence it could NEVER happen in real life.

It happened.

Conjuring The Infinite features a quip about ‘an actress from a famous sitcom winning an Oscar’ (even though she’s terrible), which was my swipe at Jennifer Aniston.  It happens during the chapter to introduce Campbell Devine, the rubbish psychic whose tall tales end up coming true. But it could never happen in real lie, not even close.


So Jennifer ended up not getting her nomination, but for a moment I was paranoid because had it happened, my power would have been beyond dispute!


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