Signs & Portents


I’m still writing my third book for Strident Publishing. I hope you can forgive me for the lack of recent blog posts, but it’s all for a good cause. The other bit of good news is that Scotland’s first book festival dedicated to YA is nearly on us! I’m terrified it will be all for nothing – all the hard work that has gone into Yay! YA+ can’t end in failure. Honestly, I want to name my first hernia after it.  But I won’t!

I’m away to Dundee on Tuesday to Central Library so the YA book group can see me live. Its always fun to tour and see new places. I actually went to Dundee last year for Book Week Scotland, and it was fabulous not drabulous.  I’m there to promote ENDLESS EMPRESS.

So what can I tell you about my third book of quirky YA fiction?

  1. It’s set in a small town named Castlekrankie
  2. “MA! There’s a cow in the living room!”
  3. Teenagers are disappearing without trace…but where are they going?
  4. “We can communicate with aliens.”
  5. “Give me back my Dolce & Gabbana or you’re dead!”*
  6. The story takes place during a massive strike which has crippled the town.
  7. “There were lights in the white, spinning and harsh…and they spun towards her with purpose.”
  8. The main character is a teenager named Porter.
  9. Who is the spaceman on the hill whose spaceship sits at the bottom of the street?
  10. What is The Toy Shop?

And there you have it, folks, ten little hints about my third book.

There’s some really good news set to be announced in June, but I’ll say nothing of that now.

*The Dolce & Gabbana reference was written before Elton John declared his boycott, funnily enough. I’ve always been a little bit psychic.


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