Balerno & Bathgate

I’ve been so busy this week getting out and about to promote my new book Endless Empress.  On Wednesday I headed off into Edinburgh to visit the pupils of Balerno High School.  I’ve been in Edinburgh quite a bit over the last year as a result of the Teen Titles party.  I went to a party to gets some books and cans of Coca-Cola, and ended up with lots of work.  Hurrah!  Balerno is a lovely place, a village with lots of rustic buildings and a glorious sedate atmosphere.  SOUNDTRACK OF THE DAY: Basement Jaxx – Rooty.  Getting to Balerno HS was really easy: the 44 bus literally takes you right there…well, in theory, but I didn’t count on other passengers making things difficult for me.

I got on the bus, took a seat, put my Louis Vuitton bag down and relaxed.

A woman and her gran (or her mother?) took a seat beside me.  She was so enormous that I felt I’d paid for half a seat rather than a full seat.  I couldn’t breathe!  “Is this the school?” She screeched at me?  “I have no idea,” I replied.

So I got off because I heard the driver tell her that yes, it was the school.

The only problem was that it wasn’t my school. It wasn’t Balerno, it was Currie.

Maybe I heard the word ‘curry’ and thought it was somewhere to have lunch.  I’m such a grubber!

I walked for fifteen minutes and finally found Balerno High School. HURRAH!

To Be Continued…

I love that every school library I go to usually has some amazing old YA books I loved and lost as a young brat.  The Lions Teen Tracks books, for example, are something of a passion for me.  I’ve spent some time and money collecting them because they’re so classy and wonderful.  They’re some of the best books ever.  They made me want to write YA novels.  I used to stare at their cover art and layout for hours.  I wanted to be the sort of author who wrote those books just like Robert Cormier, Jay Bennett, Paul Zindel and Jacqueline Wilson. YES, she used to write YA.  The Lions Teens Tracks imprint was always pure quality. And sometimes…if I’m very lucky…school libraries still have a few copies of these books.  They don’t weed out books as often as a public library because they don’t have the budget to replace them.  Thank goodness.  In a library I am in heaven.  I even found a few Theresa Breslin classics in Whitburn Academy Library, but more on that later.

Balerno High School Library Part II.

Every school library has something other than books: a packet of McVitie’s Ginger Nuts!  Isn’t that lovely?  The librarians clearly know that I lack iron in my diet, so here is a good substitute.  The school library is undergoing a refurb so things were displaced, but the lovely librarian had a good set up for me.

And the gig? It was fabulous. No, seriously it was really fun.  People enjoyed it and now I have lots of new fans.


Whitburn Academy: The Return

I returned, I saw, I conquered.  I don’t think the pupils of Whitburn (or any school) realise quite what to expect when they’re forced to see an author.  I suspect they’re terrified of a boring old lecture about the virtues of reading a good book.  I am too punk rock to be boring.  It was another fab day and I got a lot of nice comments afterwards. And yes, people were out in the hallway reading Conjuring The Infinite and Endless Empress.  And you can’t ask for more than that, can you?


I’ve updated the News and Events sections.

Third Book Alert

Shhh. I’ve been working on my third book for Strident Publishing.

More on that soon…



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