Bits ‘N’ Bobs!

Hello everyone!

I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping, which is going to be nightmarish because everywhere is mobbed with the Christmas rush. But I’ll brave the shopping centre with my patented “Swine Flu cough” which always clears a path. You say really loudly that your swine flu medication has run out, then you cough really loudly, and people run away from you. You should try it!

I’m going to start work on my third novel during New Year. I have ideas, so many ideas, and I can’t wait to make sense of them…shape them into sentences and paragraphs and pages.  There’s so much coming in 2015 – and I can’t tell you about it yet, because I’m under a confidentiality clause, but you’ll love it.  I have a lot of live dates lined up so I’ll post them up soon.  And there’s also something very special being planned for April 2015, something that has never been done in Scotland before, but with luck it goes well and everyone enjoys it.

Kirkland Ciccone

Conjuring The Infinite has sold out. The first print run is now gone, which means the book has steadily sold since last year. It’s a hit! And I’ve persuaded my publisher to give it a brand new cover for the second print run. I thought it would be nice to have a special edition of the book that won me the Catalyst Book Award. I haven’t seen the artwork yet, but it is being worked on by the same artist who did the cover for Endless Empress. I love that artwork so much.

Finally, for now, thank you for your continuing support and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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