If This Is Work, I’ll Do Overtime!


I’ve been all around Scotland over the last few weeks to promote Endless Empress, which is still the most amazing YA book in the history of all YA books.  No seriously, you must believe me!  I’m concentrating in Edinburgh right now, just because I want to rule the capital city.  I would make a great First Minister. I was at Firrhill High School, followed by St Augustine’s High School, and tomorrow I’ll be at Whitburn Academy, which isn’t in Edinburgh but they asked me to go and see them…so I shall!  I also travelled to St Andrews to begin the Great Big Waterstones Tour, which saw me and BBC Radio Scotland presenter Theresa Talbot visit nearly every branch of Waterstones in Scotland.  We had to leave St Andrews quickly because people kept mistaking me for Kate Middleton.  It is a terrible life!

Kirkland Ciccone live at Waterstones in Livingston

I’ll be mobbed throughout Book Week Scotland, which is lovely because last year I was booked for two gigs…and now I’m busy every day that week.  Word of mouth, folks!  I’ll be in some school libraries including Coltness High School – for my brand new show Kirkland Ciccone’s Doom Dolphin – and then Wester Hailes in Edinburgh, three events in Dundee including a panel at the library, and then it finishes on the Friday with me at the Mitchell Theatre.  Phew!  I’m going to take December off and begin work on my next book during New Year.  PS Something for all the YA fans in Scotland is coming in April, but I’m saying nothing more. Maybe next week. 😉


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