Book Birth!

Endless Empress is officially out for you to buy and read.

I started work on Endless Empress soon after Conjuring The Infinite was published, although it was titled Dead Teenagers when I initially put pen to paper.  I started off with the idea of writing about a school massacre, which is a very dark subject and one which has been tackled most recently in a wonderful book named Hate List.  But my take on subjects is always very different to what everyone else does – and I pride myself on finding different angles, takes, viewpoints for my stories.  I decided to write a crazy teenage cult story with a charismatic bitch teen at the centre of it.  I worked hard getting the structure right, whilst working on a way to make the story carry you along with it.  I think…my stories are excavations of myself, so in writing about a group of people who insert themselves into a fantasy world, I’m effectively doing the same thing by creating entire worlds and the people who populate those worlds.  I recently discovered that I was dressing like one of my characters – Truman Crapote – and it was a subconscious thing.  Freaky!

Endless Empress: A Mass Murderer’s Guide To Dictatorship In The Fictional Nation of Enkadar is no longer my book.  It is now YOUR book.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please tell me if you do, because I’m always delighted to see what people think of my books.

The Dragon of Time and Space

Keep an eye out for my big Waterstones tour which happens on the 15th/16th November.  I’m going to visit every single Waterstones in Scotland!  I’m ready for them, but are they ready for me?


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