Review: Endless Empress – Kirkland Ciccone.

True Credibility! Yes, a fab review of Endless Empress courtesy of Wonderland Avenue.

Heather Writes

Enkadar is a country without war, violence, disease and poverty. The problem? It doesn’t exist.

A group of teenage misfits create their own imaginative kingdom to leave behind the monotony of their normal lives, free of fear and bullying. It seems the perfect escape, but kickstarts a number of events that spiral out of control, to sheer crazy extremes.

The Endless Empress is at the core of the story, the one behind the Masterpiece, a school massacre that spiralled from discontent, one to get her own back on the non-believers. Full of oddities and ridiculous levels of bloodthirst and killing, Endless Empress crams a lot of plot into a short space, and you’ll rattle through it in no time at all.

Told through narratives, transcribed interviews and article snippets, it’s a look at when escaping reality can have surprisingly horrifically real consequences. It reads for the slightly younger YA bracket…

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