Chainsaw Morning!

Last night I launched ENDLESS EMPRESS at Waterstones in Glasgow.  It was a fab event and I managed to fill the place, thank goodness.  Heck, I managed to sell a good amount of books too.  That is what it’s all about!  I can never fully appreciate these sorts of events, because I’m so paranoid that I’m going to mess up or people won’t enjoy themselves.  It was exactly the same on my sixteenth birthday; I spent so much time going around asking people if they were having a good time that I forgot to have a good time myself!  The nerves I had all day yesterday vanished as soon as everything started.  My family and friends came out to support me and some fans turned up too.  The artist who created my front cover – the wonderfully talented Ida Henrich – came along too.  It was nice to meet her at last.  And the actual performance itself?  Let me tell you that performing in a fur coat inside a hot room is NOT a pleasant experience, but halfway through the launch…I forgot that I was too hot, and I suddenly realised I was having a great time.  The Bookwitch – a fearsome critic – didn’t get her Coca-Cola, but I was too busy drinking Irn-Bru to realise someone else had snatched away her precious cola!

Kirkland at Waterstones 2Sign    Catalyst Kirkland

I left Waterstones last night feeling good.  But I didn’t get a chance to sleep long, because this morning I was up and away to Cardinal Newman HS to attend a ceremony in my honour as winner of the Catalyst Book Award 2014.  I decided to dress down this time.  I wore my Halloween jumper which glows in the dark.  I love Halloween.  I spend every Halloween at my friend’s house where we pig out on Monster Munch and watch scary movies.  I expect to do this when I’m in my forties – a long time away, okay?

Cardinal Newman HS opened up their hall for me and buses with teenagers from other schools arrived.  They sang, they listened, the operated the equipment – but most importantly…they voted for Conjuring The Infinite as best YA book of the year.  I can’t get my head around how much these people have changed my life.

Kirkland Catalyst AwardCatalyst Kirkland 2

I wore my crown, collected my award, and headed off for dinner.

And where did the King of Catalyst go for food?

Tesco, actually.

If they sell chips, I’m there.

Thank you.


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