Seth Kevorkian And The Elvis Presley Zit Cream


Endless Empress will hit bookshops in just 12 days. You will find an entire world inside that book, and once you’ve finished reading Endless Empress…it isn’t the end!  I will release brand new exclusive stories which take place in the world of Endless Empress – five stories which feature characters from the book, or happen at secret moments  during the story.  One of these five stories has already gone out: Who Killed Kill Alex Cross? was released earlier this year.  That leaves four more tales to be released.  I initially wanted to do this via an exclusive app, but that might be slightly difficult and I don’t want to do a Thom Yorke.

I’ll release these stories on Wattpad. These are short stories, some only a couple of pages long and the dates might change. The stories are done and dusted, but they’re staying with me until the time is right.

They are:

Warriors of Weirdness (January 2015)

The Parliament of Dummies (April 2015)

Truman Crapote’s Rhyme Time Crimes (July 2015)

Seth Kevorkian And The Elvis Presley Zit Cream (October 2015)

Yes, the last story scheduled for release is a crossover story featuring Seth Kevorkian, the main antagonist of my first book Conjuring The Infinite.  It takes place before his death, of course. I’ve always loved the idea of doing a crossover with some of my own characters.  In Seth Kevorkian And The Elvis Presley Zit Cream we see what happens when The Endless Empress encounters the manipulative wannabe warlock.

Don’t automatically assume they’ll be friends!


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