“I Am Punk Rock Not Disco!”


My hair is still naturally very dark despite the stress I’ve recently suffered; yes, I have endured the double traumas of moving house and getting a book ready for publication.  Despite the multiple miseries of moving, I still managed to stick to my tour dates and have – in recent weeks – appeared at the Portobello Literary Festival and Craigroyston HS.  Craigroyson has the most amazing spacious library.  It looks like a cylindrical aircraft carrier, but with books instead of jets.  And Portobello HS is very similar to Cumbernauld HS, which of course was my old school.  The pupils interviewed me and I chatted with people; that’s the real perk of what I do…I get to meet loads of cool new people and they always have a real interest in creative writing.  THANK GOD.  Another exciting moment for me was my recent appearance in the latest issue of Teen Titles.  It’s quite a big deal; it’s the Vogue of YA book magazines, and of course I got to be very quoteable and personable.  THANK GOD. I actually didn’t feel this way at the time, but even I’m prone to the odd moments of doubt.  It turned out to be a really good interview.  THANK…GOD!

New Tour Dates

I’m going to update my EVENTS page with new dates.  I’m very lucky because this time last year I barely had any events booked for Book Week Scotland, but this year I’ve been mobbed with offers – and it’s about bloody time too!

Book Week Scotland

November 28th

Glasgow Libraries have summoned my awesome power for Book Week Scotland!

VENUE: Mitchell Theatre

Writing For Children And Teens: The Inside Scoop

November 27th

VENUE: Dundee Library 18:00 – 19:30

A Literary Dundee event with Emily Dodd, Keith Charters, Kathryn Ross and…me!

Morgan HS/Harris Academy

November 27th

Two school visits for Book Week Scotland

Creative Writing Workshop

November 26th

Wester Hailes Education Centre

Kirkland Ciccone Vs Airdrie Library

November 24th 2014

Tour Of Scotland!

15th/16th November

Every single Waterstones in Scotland.

Two days.

I will win!

Saint Augustines

November 13th

Firrhill HS

November 7th

School visit to promote Conjuring The Infinite/Endless Empress

Cardinal Newman HS

October 23rd

A Catalyst Book Award event!


October 22nd

Waterstones Argyle Street, Glasgow 19:00

Join me in Waterstones for the launch of ENDLESS EMPRESS!

Yes, my book launch is next week.  Come along if you fancy it.  I’m trying to create a new cocktail using Irn-Bru and jelly babies.  It’ll probably taste gross, but I like the idea of it!


I was recently filmed at the Edinburgh Book Festival for online content…and I’ve been told that it looks like something out of Boogie Nights.  I burst into tears when I heard that, because everyone knows I AM PUNK ROCK.

My next post will be dedicated to ENDLESS EMPRESS, that strange girl who terrorised and entire town and vanished.

Haven’t you heard the news?

She’s BACK.

Until next time…


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