Why Would A Nurse Smuggle Potatoes In Her Pocket?

Why Would A Nurse Smuggle Potatoes In Her Pocket?


You won’t get the answer to that question until you’ve read ENDLESS EMPRESS, which features a potato smuggling nurse.  So in honour of all you couch potatoes and desk potatoes…and to plug my forthcoming book which will hit shelves on November 2nd…here are links to my five favourite potato recipes.


Jamie Oliver.  This man loves to hurl olive oil on everything, including his hair it seems.

Jamie’s Garlic, Thyme and Anchovy Baked Potatoes

The Nurse in The Ward adores potatoes so much she smuggles them, much to Commander Carly’s fury.

She would love these recipes, if she weren’t too busy stealing potatoes!

Spicy Potato with Chicken

Potato Rosti!

The Guardian knows all about potato recipies!

The Ten Best Potato Recipies

Good Food knows good potatoes!

Pizza With Potato


You can pre-order ENDLESS EMPRESS at Waterstones, Amazon, or any other book shop that microwaves your potato.

Endless Empress by Kirkland Ciccone




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