Fast Times At Cumbernauld High

This is nice.  I haven’t lived in Cumbernauld for a decade, but my old local newspaper is always printing nice articles about me.  This is how Craig Ferguson must feel whenever he comes back to town.  “My profile is going up at last,” will probably astonish readers, because I’m never out of the paper for my events.  It’s fab though.


Kirkland Ciccone @ Cumbernauld News

Nice publicity often comes from funny and unexpected places and people.  True Tale Alert: A few years ago I was hired by Cumbernauld Theatre – my home away from home – to put on a one-man show about the history of our old town.  So I researched and improvised and appeared in the Cumbernauld News.  But my ticket sales were very sluggish.  Ugh!  I was so annoyed.  I went to a radio station for an interview and made a surreal speech about Cumbernauld being ruined by fast food (!) and then I went home, resigned to the fact no-one cared.

And then Terry Wogan spoke about my gig on his morning radio show.  I had no idea until people started calling me up, asking how I pulled that one off.  I honestly to this day don’t know how Terry Wogan got a hold of the show; I think it might have been the local press and radio, it seems likely.  I screamed happily when I heard the news and spun around my living room until I slammed into the fireplace.  It was sore.  But Terry’s one little mention on Radio 2 exploded my ticket sales for the night and people had to be turned away at the door.

God Bless The Local Press.


And God Bless Terry Wogan.



K x


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