I’m sitting here typing away whilst Sheila E plays in the background.  A few months to go and Endless Empress will be out!  The book is being edited right now, and I’m waiting to see what it looks like – but here is another preview of what’s to come at the end of October.  This text hasn’t been edited, so it might look a bit different in the finished book.

Endless Empress preview

Endless Empress preview

But what else am I doing?  Well, I’m putting together ideas for Book #3, but it’s very early stuff right now.  Sketches and notes, mostly.  I’ve been in contact with my family, sections of whom I avoid at any cost!  It’s weird being told you resemble ‘Second Cousin So and So’ who abandoned his wife forty years ago and fled to Canada.  “I saw your book in the shops!  Can you buy me a car?”  Seriously, that is what a normal conversation degrades into after a few minutes.  If I could buy a car, I’d buy myself one – but I’d need to learn to drive it first!

Exciting stuff is coming up.  The Teen Titles Party in August is a big event.  Basically I get to meet readers and other authors, whilst sipping on Irn-Bru.  I’m sure they’ll serve Irn-Bru.  The event takes place in Edinburgh, after all.  Now that I’ve won the Catalyst Book Award, I’m putting my energies into Endless Empress and promoting myself: Edinburgh is a big part of that work.  Plus it’s a gorgeous city.  I’m also on the hunt for something to wear for the Catalyst Book Award ceremony.  I wanted to dress up as Caesar and have a group of cheerleaders dancing about me, but I’ve been persuaded to drop this idea for being ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.


I’ll see you all soon.


K x



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