Seth Kevorkian Vs Britney Spears

There is only a few days left to vote for Conjuring The Infinite in the Catalyst Book Award.  Teenagers of North Lanarkshire, it is YOUR duty to make it happen!  And if you haven’t yet read my debut, then why not head to Strident Publishing and download the first chapter?


Here are two unknown facts about Conjuring The Infinite just for you:


1) In the original draft, Seth Kevorkian – the murderous teenage warlock wannabe was obsessed with something other than world domination.  What was it?  Well…it turned out Seth was a Britney Spears fan.  I thought it would be really funny to have him obsess over a pact with an evil force, and pop princess Britney.  But I scrubbed this because it tipped the scales of the story towards comedy far too much.

2) During the sequence in which Reet heads upstairs for a shower and hears Seth’s voice in the sink was  completely different: she was to hear Seth’s voice coming out of the toilet!  Again, I had to change it because I worried it was too much.



K x



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