Pre-Order Endless Empress

Endless Empress is now available to pre-order on  I know, I know…some people don’t go to actual book shops because they don’t want to see all those glorious books arranged neatly on shelves.  They don’t want to travel to see the sights and hear the sounds of the city.  That is why the internet was invented!  So you can just click and order a book, and then have it delivered.

And if the internet wasn’t invented for shopping, then why is it here?

An Encounter With Kirkland Ciccone 08/09/2012)


Pre-Order Endless Empress:



It’s also on Amazon, but not yet available to pre-order.  That’ll change in a few days.  Here’s the link anyway.




I’m still touring Conjuring The Infinite around schools and yesterday appeared, as if by magick, at St Aidan’s High School.  It was great fun.  When I originally went to Wishaw Library for World Book Day, I told the teens of the TSpace book group that I’d come to their school if I won the Catalyst Book Award.  But heck, voting finishes in two weeks, so I decided to organise an event sooner.  I had my laptop connected to a large plasmascreen TV (“Arkham City would look good on a TV that size,” I thought to myself) and it worked.  Technology, isn’t it great?

What other amazing things happened to me this week?  Well, you all know about my invite to the Creative Writing Conference in September.  I keep pinching ouch myself ouch because it’s so ouch unexpected.  I’m delighted, of course.

My brother came up for a visit too, just so he could tell me that his new girlfriend had moved out of his bedsit.  She only moved in five days ago.  I saw her on the bus last week – and she fell over.  It was such a strange trip home!  Next week doesn’t involve random people falling off of buses, but there’s a lot going on…so keep visiting my site, because I have loads of great news.  Soon!


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