Catalyst Book Awards 2014: The Shortlist


I’ve just been informed that I’ve made the shortlist for the annual Catalyst Book Awards.  These sorts of awards are important to YA writers, because it actively celebrates what we do…and of course teenagers vote for the list.  I’ve been gigging constantly over the last eight months, so this is a lovely moment for me.  The hard work is paying off!


Kirkland Ciccone – Conjuring the Infinite
Charlie Fletcher – Far Rockaway
Sarah Mussi – Siege
Kevin Brooks – Bunker Diary

Catalyst Book Shortlist

I’ve been extremely busy this week going out to libraries for World Book Day!  Stories were told, questions were asked, selfies taken, and a fake fur jacket was coveted by everyone.  And of course Conjuring The Infinite got bought and read.  Hurrah!  Here’s a few shots of me at the events.

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