World Book Day


I’m appearing at two libraries for World Book Day, although I actually appear one day earlier at a library, but I feel like I can be the wizard of speed and time – and do these things regardless.  Here is the press release on the official Libraries NL Facebook:

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, fantastic #YAfic #Author Kirkland Ciccone will be visiting #Wishaw Library on March 5th at 3.45pm then on #WorldBookDay itself he will be at #Airdrie Library. These will be visits to the Tspace NL groups in those libraries but I’m sure a few extras won’t be turned away, who knows? you may even want to become part of the Tspace group afterwards!

Check out the awesome posters and invites that the Wishaw Library Tspace group made over on our Tspace Facebook page. They are obviously looking forward to the visit!!!

For more info on Kirkland Ciccone himself, check out his Facebook page at and see why his debut novel, Conjuring The Infinite, has been nominated for the Catalyst Award longlist!


Hurrah x



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