Daily Record Review Alert!

Shari Low, best-selling author and columnist, had my book reviewed as part of her Book Club.  It’s a lovely surprise for me, and a really cool thing.  Here it is:

Conjuring The Infinite review

I’ve been busy writing other books and my next book (which I’ll announce soon) is currently in the editing stage.  I love it.  It has such a quirky vibe to it.  Writers can tell when they’re creating a hot book, something they feel pride for and can lavish with love.  This new book is one of those books.  I’ve also been campaigning to get into the Catalyst Book Award shortlist, so cross your fingers and toes for me.  And if you’re at a school in North Lanarkshire, then please vote for me.  Now I’m off to watch Lois & Clark season one.  Until my next blog…



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