The Visit and the Vanishing!

I’m here in Ciccone HQ adding the finishing touches to what I hope will be my next novel.   Here is what else happened in the last week or so:

Caldervale High School

I’ve been continuing with my school visits to promote Conjuring The Infinite.  What a hoot!  I arrived in Airdrie after passing what felt like over a thousand different branches of Aldi.  It really is a popular store!  The weather was terrible and I felt like a homing pigeon without the ability to fly.  I’ve never been good at travelling around the country.  It’s a necessary thing for an author to travel, of course, because meeting people is how they discover your existence.  You then become a world which they gravitate around…I think.  I never did understand geostationary dynamics.

Caldervale High is a very modern high school, but it wasn’t always so modern.  One of my best friends attended it and he gasped in horror when I told him of the booking.  But it has been revamped, it’s sleek and modern…and the corridors are painted in various bright COLOURS.  The gig went well and everyone enjoyed it.  It’s great when that happens.  Then I signed copies of my book for the fabulous third year students, warning everyone not to copy my signature when they sign on (old jokes are the best ones), and then CATHY MACPHAIL arrived!  Yes, she was there too.  Catherine Macphail needs no introduction, but I’ll give you a quick intro for her anyway:  She is the “Scottish Jacqueline Wilson” and a whole lot more.  I’m very new at this author thing, so it was good to sit back and watch a pro in action.  This is how Bananarama must have felt when Madonna crashed their early gigs back in the 80s.  Cathy was there to promote Mosi’s War.  I now have a copy of it.  We swapped books!  I signed a copy of my book and she signed a copy of her book for me.  Her son has been signed to Strident Publishing, so we’re label mates now.  We had some lunch, I stole some of her grapes – and the day was very relaxed and lovely.

The Barber Chair of Vanishing Hair

I decided to rid myself of the long curly thick mop that I have on my head.  It is a nightmare trying to control long hair, and it grows so fast!  My patience evaporated and I went to a barber and he shaved it off!  He talked to me whilst cutting and told me with pride that his local bowling club was holding a ‘literary canteen’ in November for Scottish Book Week.  He listed the names of the visitors and authors, eventually getting to:

“We have Kirkland Ciccone coming along…”


It was all very surreal.

And the event he referred to is this one:

It’s free and Samantha Young will be there too.  Come along!


I love Halloween.  I have Martin, M.R. James ghost stories and Phenomena sorted out for this Halloween night.  I can’t wait!

K x


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