The Day After Tidelines Book Festival…

Largs is known as ‘The End of the Line’ – quite a lovely turn of phrase.  I was booked to be a speaker at Tidelines Book Festival so I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon travelling to The End of the Line via train and bus and flying car.  Okay, so the flying car only happened in my imagination, but you get that I’m saying it was a long journey.  But it was completely worth it.  I had a great time and my audience loved it too.  They were a cool audience.  They ‘got’ the humour and I was able to use the audience for therapy.  My gigs are therapy!  Everyone had free chips (a great idea) and I had such a great time that I’m going to return to The End of the Line at some point in the future for a library/school visit.

Hurrah.  I didn’t get many shots for my gallery because I was too busy being amazing.  Here are some audience shots and a few taken courtesy of my phone:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to all my new friends for coming to see me.  Next time I’ll wear my roller skates.


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