Tidelines Book Festival

I’m appearing in North Ayrshire next week for Tidelines Book Festival.  Cheap As Chips – that’s the genius name of my gig – will be on at The Lounge.  Get there by 20:30 and I’ll take you through a sordid trip full of hidden staircases, teen slueths, armed robberies, chainsaw wielding nutters and much more you won’t believe…but is completely true!  Des Dillon is going to perform the night after me.  He’s a very good writer and not many people know it but he’s a cracking poet.  In fact he should start reciting his poetry again.  I’ll be in the Largs local newspaper on Wednesday night in time for Thursday and I’ve also been interviewed by Our Book Reviews which should be up next week too.  They gave Conjuring The Infinite a glowing review.  Finally, my new Tumblr account is proving very popular – especially when I post amazing shots of David Bowie or Donna Noble.  Those people have such good taste!


Lots more to come next week!


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