An Edinburgh Book Festival Cameo

I hopped into the Cicconemobile (AKA the train) and made my way to Edinburgh for the Book Festival yesterday morning.  The weather was beyond foul and my lovely salmon coloured tweed jacket shrank in the rain.  Then, to make matters worse, a gang of football hooligans were causing chaos at Waverley.  Hmph.  I floated past them and soon found myself in Charlotte Square surrounded by fellow authors and books, glorious books.  My publisher contacted me a few days ago and the message went something like this:

Dear Kirkland! Your book is being sold at The Festival.  We have arranged for you to go and sign them so they are placed on the special Signed Shelf.  You are amazing and everyone at the office tell me you have the best legs in the business.  You also have the best debut in the Young Adult market.  In signing you, Kirkland, we’ve signed pure genius…

Okay so maybe that isn’t exactly what they said but I do have great legs.  Anyway, I managed to find the right place and sign Conjuring The Infinite.  The staff were lovely and helpful and the weather was temporarily nice for me.  Then I left the festival, got onto the train and ended up lost in Larbert.  What a fantastic day!  The gang I encountered in Larbert certainly liked my tweed jacket – they’d never encountered anything quite like it before and I probably appeared dangerously close to a transvestite in their collective glare.

Edinburgh Book Festival mentioned me in a tweet posted earlier this morning and I’ve been included in Day 8 of their official Storify blog.  Just keep reading and you’ll find me.

K x

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