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Secret Second Novel Alert!

I’ve spent the last week writing my second novel – it’s very, very, very early days but I’m currently just over one hundred pages into the first draft.  It has a title (which I won’t give away until I’m ready) and it also has a beginning, middle and end (though not necessarily in that order!) but what else does it have?  It has my special sense of humour, the sort of humour that was stuffed into Conjuring The Infinite.  It has a group of teenagers thrust into a bizarre situation and the wrong choices are made; they’re all given the chance to make the right decision, to shy away from evil, but…

Well, I can’t give any more of it away.  There will be plenty of updates in the coming days and nights!  It feels like a ‘hot’ novel, the sort of book that makes me tingle in the same way Conjuring The Infinite did when I wrote it.  Writers will understand what I mean!  What can I actually tell you about Secret Second Novel?

  • It’ll be written in the same style as Conjuring The Infinite.
  • It tackles very dark topics – ‘dark’ is overused as a word to describe some YA books but I’m using it in the right context.
  • But it is written in a very light manner!
  • One of the characters is named Portia Penelope Pinkerton.
  • One of the characters is a wannabe poet who walks about high school in a cape and isn’t punched for it.
  • He is NOT based on me.
  • It isn’t finished yet but I know how it ends.
  • “Do you believe in Enkadar or do you just believe you believe in Enkadar?”

I’m about to go on my promotional trail for Conjuring The Infinite and I love it.  Come and see me if you’re in the area.  It’ll be fun!  Check out my Events page for details of festivals/venues I’ll be appearing in; August/September will be very busy months for me with visits to shops, schools and Tidelines Book Festival.  Next week is the start of it all, actually.  Thursday!  I’ve also recently bulked up my Goodreads page so visit me if you have a chance.  Click LIKE on a few books.  Send suggestions by all means, because I’m always looks for fabulous new books to read.



Link——> PS I am now available for business courtesy of Live Literature!

PS A quick reminder that GIFT – my exclusive Conjuring The Infinite prologue – is still available to read on Wattpad.  Discover what happened to set off the chain of events detailed in the book…

Link——> GIFT: a prelude to Conjuring The Infinite


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