My Mini Waterstones Tour

My mission:

Visit ten branches of Waterstones and sign copies of Conjuring The Infinite.  Easy, right?

The Great Waterstones Dash was to be my first meet and greet, an informal event to say hello to staff who (in theory) will push my book under your nose.  I was being sent out into the world to prove myself.  I would meet the staff and greet them like old friends.  It knew I could do it!  Armed with bottles of Irn-Bru and self-belief I waited for my bus…which failed to show up.  Typical lack of efficiency.  Next time a milk delivery van crashes into a First Bus, I will not be a witness for their insurance claim!

My publisher, thankfully, sent along an official representative with a car so off we went in search of Waterstones.

The journey via Instagram:


My Agenda

Edinburgh Princes St
Edinburgh George St
Glasgow S’hall St
Glasgow Argyle St
East Kilbride
Newton Mearns

The day flew past in a blur of cities, roads, trucks, shops and boats.  Yes, boats!  It was a wonderful experience seeing my book on the shelves of different shops.  I managed to persuade eager teens to buy my book so a few sales were made during my mad dash.  I’ve left a trail of destruction and signed postcards across the west of Scotland!  The Sauchiehall Street branch is drowning in signed postcards.  I signed some autographs for a group of teenagers – but I ordered them not to go forging my signature.  They laughed.  Yes, it’s official…my humour crosses over!  One teenage reader, a copy of the latest Darren Shan in her hands, asked me if she would like Conjuring The Infinite.  “You will love it,” I assured her, “it’s like a self-help book except there’s no-one around to help you.”

The tradition after one of these tours is to stop off for chips – but I decided Marks & Spencers was the destination for dinner.  My publisher was paying for everything and it sure beat McDonalds.  “Do middle-class people shop here?”  I asked.  I had myself a middle-class pasta salad with middle-class tea and a packet of middle-class crisps.

Thank you to everyone who stopped and gave me your time.  Too many of you to name, but you know who you are!

PS We made it!  Ten branches in one day.

K x

3 responses to “My Mini Waterstones Tour”

  1. I’m hoping to arrive as if by magick in some English shops when my next book comes out, Victoria! I might wear my roller skates if I can’t get the train down to Derby. “Take me to Derby!”


  2. Derby wasn’t on the list though! This makes me sad.

    Okay, we might be a bit of a drive from the other ten.


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