Kirkland Ciccone

Author of Happiness Is Wasted On Me, writer of Scottish fiction, auld punk, bookshop botherer, library lurker, and tea swigger. This is my blog.

Live Dates

Hello.  This is a psychic broadcast from Ciccone HQ which exists inside my mind.  POWER!


AUTHOR EVENT ALERT: “How I Became Kirkland Ciccone” :: Airdrie Library :: 8/10/13 :: 18:00 :: I’ll be at Airdrie Library as part of an event to promote Conjuring The Infinite in conjunction with Strident Publishing as part of The Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival/Encounters Cultural Festival. Hurrah!

AUTHOR EVENT ALERT: “Kids’ Lit Quiz” :: Kilsyth Academy :: 11/11/13 :: 11:00-14:30 :: I’m on a team with three other authors and we’re competing against other authors in a literary themed quiz. If my rivals beat me, I’ll try not to beat them…up.

AUTHOR EVENT ALERT: “Cheap As Chips AKA The Revenge of Irritable Vowel Syndrome” :: venue TBC :: 5/09/13 :: 20:30 – 21:30 :: Tidelines Festival in North Ayrshire will feel the full force of Kirkland’s bitchy brilliance as he goes through the cream of the literary crop and the cream of the literary crap. It’s time to dig out the Point Horrors again and grab a bag of chips…

AUTHOR EVENT ALERT: “Irritable Vowel Syndrome AKA Down The Rabbit Hole” :: Looking Glass Books :: September :: 19:30 :: Kirkland Ciccone will be in Edinburgh’s coolest and quirkiest and indiest and most hip hoppity happening book shop during the Fringe to promote Conjuring The Infinite and himself – OF COURSE. Then he will conquer the capital with a personality packed gig.

More dates to be announced and dates/times confirmed including some in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, Falkirk, Stirling and some other places close to home. This weekend it’s off to Waterstones with Keith Charters. Which Waterstones? All of them! It’s an informal meet and greet with staff and then a very special announcement can finally be made! It’s nearly time for me to get the cake baker hired.


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