Down The Blog Bog!


I wanted to blog a few days ago but I’ve been a bit busy with everything surrounding my novel. I have a small team around me which makes things a bit easier plus my publisher helps out immensely.  Thank goodness.  So what do I have planned for you?  What is coming up in the wonderful and fantastical world of Kirkland Ciccone?


Sorry, I’ll do that bit again.

LIVE DATES!!!!!!!!!!

I have a lot of live appearances coming up but the dates are a bit sketchy as it takes time for librarians to enlist schools. I’m doing a school tour around North Lanarkshire. I’ve been getting interviewed for numerous publications too. I think I’m in every local newspaper in the north of Scotland. They all claim I live in their area. According to them I live everywhere from Kilsyth to Falkirk to Cumbernauld to Stirlingshire. Yes, folks, I just tell local newspapers I live locally. It works for me and they get some good quote.

One journalist asked me:

What do you want from your publishing deal?”

I quickly replied:

More followers on Twitter.”

I’ve been told that the waiting list for Conjuring The Infinite at one of my ‘local’ libraries has passed twenty. Fantastic!  My book is out there but officially won’t penetrate the country until June 1st.  The distribution is good and strong but it isn’t quite there in Waterstones yet and so you’ll have to wait a few more days until it all happens.  It’ll appear on Kindle any day soon.  The audience of the first date of Irritable Vowel Syndrome, reviewers, journalists, librarians, bloggers, labelmates and pre-order Amazon worshippers also have copies of the book.  No official reviews yet and with luck they all cower at the might of The Infinite.

Local Library

Note: some of the following dates are sketchy but I’ll have them sent to me by my booking manager very soon.  I’ll update the EVENTS section with more details ASAP.  Okay, confirmed are the following events:

Don’t Do Drugs, Read Kirkland Ciccone Instead @ Cumbernauld Museum/Town Centre – 8th August – 13:00pm – FREE EVENT!

Cheap As Chips! @ Tidelines Book Festival, The Lounge, North Ayrshire – 5th September – 20:30pm to 21:30pm – £3 plus chips and soft drink which I’ll probably take off you because I’m greedy.

Irritable Vowel Syndrome @ Looking Glass Books in Edinburgh – 19th September – 18:30pm – FREE EVENT!

How I Became Kirkland Ciccone @ Encounters NL, Airdrie Library – 8th October – 18:00pm – FREE EVENT.


The school tour will take place in and around these days and that will be exclusively organised by librarians at the various schools involved.  New events are being added to my itinery on a weekly basis.  My official launch at Waterstones will finally be announced very soon.  There’s also a possible opening at the Off The Page festival which happens in September so keep visiting my site for more information.

If you want to book me for an apperance or an interview then email or find me on Twitter or Facebook or contact my publisher.  My details are in the CONTACT section of the site.  Spread me like gossip, I say.

I was informed by my publisher that a YA book group in Derby will be reading Conjuring The Infinite courtesy of their local Waterstones.  Hurrah.  Make the dream real.  I hope they love it.

K x

* This will be a creative writing workshop for anyone interested in the YA market.

** There will likely be two gigs at this festival including one for a secondary school as well as a studio gig.

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