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New Adventures of Kirkland Ciccone (Part IV)

What a fortnight I’ve experienced!

The Ruined Roomo

In the space of two weeks I’ve a) watched my book go on sale b) been interviewed for a stack of newspapers c) rehearsed Irritable Vowel Syndrome and d) booked a string of live appearances at various venues around the North of Scotland.  It has all been in aid of getting the news of Conjuring The Infinite out there!  The Strident Publishing team have been really helpful and they’re doing their bit to help out.  They’ve sent out preview copies and that should help further the cult of Kirkland Ciccone.  The joke, as I’ve said recently, is that I’m trying to become the YA writer that the teenaged Me would go nuts over; someone a bit caustic, witty, slightly over the top and personable.  I’ve been working on Irritable Vowel Syndrome all day and tickets for tomorrow’s event have sold rather well.  That’ll be a good stack of books for everyone in attendence!  I’m going to try and upload as many shots of the event as I can manage.  Check out my Twitter and Instagram for updates.  The stage set up is looking nice so far.  I’ve asked for a no-frills approach – I don’t want to be too flamboyant although I’ll probably end up looking ridiculously camp anyway.

I’ll announce my live dates in support of Conjuring The Infinite across next week.  I’ve already been booked for a school tour around one area of Scotland.  I have a few bookshops on the way, the first of which is Looking Glass Books which is the coolest bookshop ever ever ever.  I’m glowing with happiness at landing that one!  But before these dates I’ll have my official book launch in Waterstones!  I hope you’ll come and see me.  It’ll be a public event.

Lots happening.  I hope you’ll enjoy the show.  I’ll update this site with more clippings and events soon.

K x

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