Armageddon Is Here

This is me in 3D.

It’s happening right now as I type this broadcast for you.  My debut novel is out and bookshops around the country will soon have it on their YA shelves alongside Melvin Burgess, Philip Pullman, Robert Cormier, Gillian Philip and many other writers I admire.  Yesterday I was a bystander and today I’m an author.  I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and thought about myself with surgical precision.  This happens quite often.  I don’t feel any different but I know everything will be different.

The hard work is about to begin.  I hope you’ll stay by my side when I make the journey.  I have nothing else but you, the reader of my books, if you decide to be a reader of my books.

You can buy Conjuring The Infinite online or get it from your local bookshop or even your nearest library.  It will appear on the shelves of Waterstones in just over a week (maybe sooner depending on how fast the process is for distribution) and you’ll soon see me being interviewed for newspapers and blogs.  Keep visiting my official site and spread the message.  And thank you for coming here to see me.

Amazon :: Waterstones :: Book Depository

Conjuring The Infinite has now reached warehouses across the country for distribution.  Don’t worry about the Amazon entry looking the same as it did yesterday, it’ll be updated and the Kindle edition will be up online soon.  Then the games begin!


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