Adventures Close To Home


This is my diary and I hope it doesn’t make you jealous of my exciting life.  I know, I know.  Sometimes I pray for my phone to break so I can stay in and watch re-runs of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Homeless Unit Power Cut

My brother is currently living in a homeless house (they call them ‘scatter flats’ out this way) and he telephoned to complain that the power had gone out.  This comes a few months after he chased me through my home in a futile bid to get me.  Karma works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

Irritable Vowel Syndrome

I’m still getting things together for my wee gig on May 11th and the focus is on the books I grew up reading.  There are certain mysteries that I simply must solve!  Why is Nancy Drew dying her hair blonde these days?  Is Jane Eyre a powerful psychic?  And is Sherlock Holmes a schizophrenic?  I will solve these mysteries and promote my book in one swoop!  I don’t know when I’m appearing at Waterstones but the YA section is literally across from Costa.  Fantastic.

Looking Glass Books

I’m going to do a little gig at Looking Glass Books soon – it’s only the coolest bookshop in Edinburgh.  I praise The Lord every day I’ve landed that slot, which is funny because I only ever went to Scripture Union for the free crisps and juice.

The Cover Art

The cover art for Conjuring The Infinite is undergoing some changes.  These things are the norm in the publishing industry.  It’s going to be jazzed up ever so slightly.  I do the same to myself whenever a clothes shop holds a sale.


Annie is a genius and she’s going to release a five track EP produced by her pop husband Richard X.  Remember Richard, wife is life.

Write in the Theatre

The writing group I preside over will soon put on a wee live event called Stories & Snacks.  Basically I’ve made it so the event is free and people can pop along to the Cumbernauld Theatre to eat some snacks and hear some live fiction.  I’ve mocked up a poster which needs revamped because I’ve accidentally left out a few details.  I like the Heavy Metal font I’ve used as a logo.


Write in the Theatre poster

The Live Dates

I’m going to announce them soon but I can’t announce anything until after the launch date at Waterstones has been confirmed.


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