In no particular order or preference…

Roald Dahl, punk rock, Twin Peaks, Stephen King, Annie (the Norwegian pop genius not the ginger orphan), Donna Noble, Robert Cormier, John Hughes, Madonna, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, Des Dillon, Prisoner Cell Block H, libraries and all those that work in them, Cumbernauld Town Centre, The Smiths, Fopp, The January Sales, Creation Records, Doctor Who, Nirvana, Betty Boo, riot grrrl, Scream, Cluedo, retro video games, bookshops, Beanscene, Dickens, American superhero comics (Batman, mostly), Costa, Mutya Keisha Siobhan, The Vaselines, Sonic Youth, The Craft, BBC Television, Mortal Kombat, Night School Records, Cumbernauld Theatre, Lisa Vanderpump, WWE, Lois Duncan, silver nail polish, Girls Aloud, The 13th Note, Clara Bow/Louise Brooks, too many alternative bands to name, too many writers to do justice, too many people to thank, too many friends to remember.

Conjuring The Infinite is very much a first novel in that it contains all of the ideas that I’ve had since I started writing.  It contains everything I’ve loved and experienced.  You’ll be able to read it soon.


K x


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