What I’ve Learned Today

I attended a meeting with my publisher today.  We drank tea and eat cake.  I drink a lot of tea.

Tea And Me

Here is what I learned:

  1. Conjuring The Infinite will now be released in April (or early May at the latest) rather than March 21st.
  2. The book has been edited but needs to be typeset.  The slightly delay will give allow for this to happen!
  3. I will need to sign myself up to something called Live Literature.
  4. I should also sign myself up to The Society Of Authors.
  5. Seth Kevorkian is a raving mad twisty and even the editor realised that as he went through the book.
  6. Review copies will soon be dispatched very soon to ‘all the right people’ – reviewers, bloggers, journalists…
  7. VAT is mind-numbing and tax returns are easier to do when one has a spreadsheet.
  8. ‘PLR’ is important.
  9. Two artists are in contention for the cover art of my book.
  10. Glasgow is easier for some to reach than Edinburgh.
  11. Not all preview copies of novels have cover art.
  12. My snazzy new Filofax has a To Do section at the back complete with boxes to tick/untick.
  13. Some Costa Coffee shops are classier than other Costa Coffee shops.
  14. I can eat cake and then more cake.
  15. The new Strident Publishing website will have an e-book section with samples of their titles.
  16. My book didn’t need to go through a massive edit and was relatively painless for all concerned.  Thank goodness!

Hurrah!  So there you have it – Conjuring The Infinite will now be released in April/May 2013.  The wheels are grinding into action as I type and you’ll hear more about it soon.

K x


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