A Proud Moment

On Saturday night I sent the final draft of Conjuring The Infinite away to my publisher.  I’m fully satisfied with it…or as satisfied as a writer can be with their own work.  The problem is that we could sit with our own manuscripts and tinker away at them forever if left to it.  I’m busy working on Irritable Vowel Syndrome.  That’s my new one man show.  I’m going to go around theatres and pokey venues performing it and selling my book.  I’ll put up information about it when the contracts with various theatres involved are signed.  Here’s some of the things I’ve been up to and will be doing within the next week or so…

The Filofax

I was given a big black filofax for Christmas.  I just love it!  Now I can feel important whenever someone invites me out.  I’ve pulled the filofax out in public several times now.  I can almost hear the gasping of envy in the background.  Either that or they think I’m a daft twit.

Cover Art

My publisher and I are discussing ideas for the front cover of my novel.  They asked for my opinions, I sent them an essay.  Poor sods!

Kula Shaker

One meeting ended up with a Kula Shaker remembrance session.  You don’t know them?  Ah, they were fabulous back in the day until NME decided they weren’t.  I will love Tattva and Govinda no matter what anyone says!

Mutya Keisha Siobhan

They’re amazing.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Chib

My brother picked up my new calligraphy pen last time he was out for a visit.  His brain has been fried because of years misusing drugs.  “I once stabbed someone with a pen,” he told me.  His grip on reality wasn’t quite as tight as his grip on my amazing new pen.


My publisher will very shortly relaunch their official site and I’ve seen a preview.  Expect yellow.  Lots of yellow.  I think they’ve published two genuine classics of the YA genre – two extremely important books; a book called Nothing by Janne Teller and a book called Bad Faith by Gillian Philip.  I can’t believe I’m on a label with those two.  Ah!

Coming Up?

More writing and a few extra surprises.

K x


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