Golden Rules

I’ve decided to draft up some important rules to live my life by.  I will read and learn these rules until I can recite them mindlessly.  I honestly believe they’ll improve my life and yours too if you choose to follow them.

Kirkland Ciccone’s Golden Rules

I will be amazing even when I’m exhausted.

I will write amazing novels until my fingers cramp.

I will never write a paranormal romance book.

I won’t be seen wearing a tracksuit.

I will tour and promote my novels in any venue that will have me except from pubs and portacabins.  I have to draw a line somewhere!

My characters will be strong and memorable – they will not be bimbo girls desperate for boyfriends.

I will never ever dye my hair red.  My hair turned pink the last time I dyed it.

I will never be boring even when I’m sitting at home drinking tea.

I will never eat McVities Digestive biscuits.  We all know Digestives are the most boring biscuit in the world.  McVities Ginger Nuts are hip, Digestives are shit!

I will promote my favourite writers and their work.

I will never wear real fur.

I won’t eat red meat.

If I’m to follow the latest trends in the YA market, I’ll find a way to subvert them.

I won’t shave my hair off because I look like a grumpy Humpty Dumpty.

I will continue to read two books every week.  I’ll alternate between fiction and non-fiction.

I will drop Donna Noble (my favourite Doctor Who companion) into discussions whenever I get a chance.

I will try my best to compose my new work with pen and paper before typing it.

But it’s important to embrace new technology and new social media to promote myself.

I will appear at one gig in my roller skates but one is enough because I don’t want to fall and land on my coccyx.  The coccyx (for your information) is a bone in the spine!

I will hunt out new bands to compliment my favourites so I have some decent songs to listen to whilst I type.  Rhythm is important to my fingers!


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