Fiction Facts (Part Two)

Now that my snazzy jazzy new official site is running smoothly and my publishing deal has been announced, I can start blogging about my book and the path to publication.  But before I start getting into the details of the process, I’d like to tease he readers of this site further with thirteen quotes taken from the pages of  Conjuring The Infinite:

  1. “Coryn, don’t speak to people like that.  You might end up working in a kitchen.”
  2. “She’s like The Incredible Hulk?  The Incompetent Bulk is more like it!”
  3. “All you idiots need to get proper jobs.”
  4. “I bet the old dingbat threw a tea party to celebrate my death!”
  5. “The eyes of the sky have opened.”
  6. “You must hurt them, Patricia.  Hurt them bad.”
  7. “She was about to rip my face off when I had a brainwave.”
  8. “Your future holds nothing but madness, magick, and murder.”
  9. “They will…never find me here…the deal is broken…the pact is over…”
  10. “Record companies don’t sign fatties.”
  11. “The laws of physics, probability, and natural order are being usurped.”
  12. “The voice in my head resents that implication.”
  13. “Mundara!”

And there you have it, thirteen quotes lifted from my book.  You won’t see the rest until it hits the shelves in 2013.


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